What Can We Do For You?

ASI Movers is specialized in helping expats, global individuals and businesses, relocating internationally. No matter the destination, the volume, or whether your priority is time efficiency or price optimization, we aim at providing you the most addapted solution.

We are currently specialized in such services from and to Asia, our main office being located in the heart of Shanghai, China, and several ASI Movers teams operating in Vietnam, Singapore or France.

Breaking down the process

Our team will introduce you the full relocation process and proceed to an on-site survey upon our first meeting, we then will be able to clarify all with you all the steps you will have to go through, such as the packing, the customs clearance, the international transportation, and the final delivery.

Discover more about our built-to-suit services below! 

Worldwide Premium Services
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ASI Movers manages your move no matter your departure or destination, thanks to our worldwide network, our decade of experience in international relocation and our sister-company ASI Logistics, which enables us to provide you the most competitive tariffs.

We take care of Customs Clearance on your behalf, providing you the information and list of documents required for your move, as to ensure you a stress-free process.

We are specialized in moving services from and to Asia, more precisely from and to China, our head office being located in the heart of Shanghai. We operate with our own teams in France, Vietnam, and Singapore and work with a strong and reliable network of relocation professionals all around the world (IAMX and WCA).

Door-To-Door Services
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We manage your move from origin to destination, our services are door-to-door, from packing, to unpacking and arranging your belongings in your new home in accordance with the indications you gave us at origin.

Small Volume Relocation
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ASI Movers has been the first moving company to introduce consolidation in China, a perfect solution for those planning a small-volume-move.

This built-to-suit solution enables you to enjoy the highest quality moving services (door-to-door, packing, unpacking) we usually offer, but at a price undercutting all competition when it comes to small volume moves. This means instead of booking a full container for your relocation project, one is used for several small moves.

Big Volume Relocation
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Our teams of experienced packers take care of the packing and unpacking phases, arranging your belongings in your new residence's rooms the way you previously defined with us.

Ocean Freight
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Thanks to our sister-company ASI Logistics, we are able to provide you the best offers for your relocation project using Ocean Freight, no matter where you go, no matter the volume you want to move with you.

ASI Movers has been the first relocation company to introduce consolidation in China, enabling you to get the best of our services for your small volume move.

We take care of Customs Clearance on your behalf, ensuring you enjoy a light-minded relocation.

Transit time to Europe is about 1 month.

Air Freight
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For those prioritizing  time efficiency, ASI Movers offers the comfort of Air Freight.

Value Added Services
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No matter from and to which location you are moving your belongings, we offer you our catalog of Added Value Services:

  • Storage,
  • Pet Relocation,
  • Fine Arts Moving,
  • Vehicle, etc.



Why Choosing Us?

  • ASI Movers dedicated teams in China, France, Vietnam and Singapore.
  • A worldwide network of more than 140 offices located in 52 countries. 
  • A multicultural team speaking 9 languages which understands your4 needs and concerns. 
  • ASI Movers is a member of both IAMX and WCA Relocation, which are worldwide networks of movers, reflecting our expertise and  reliability. 
  • As part of ASI Group, and thanks to our sister company ASI Logistics, we are able to provide you the best moving services at the most competitive price.
  • We have been relocating expats worldwide for more than 10 years, offering you the expertise you need for your international relocation.

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