ASI MOVERS, Your Relocation Partner

We feature an extended range of services such as

  • International Relocation
  • Domestic Relocation
  • Office Relocation
  • Added Value Relocation Services.


International Relocation

No matter the destination ASI MOVERS has developed a very strong know-how in International relocation.

We are currently specialize in such service in ASIA, we have a very good expertise for any relocation to and from China.

Our team will introduce the full relocation process and proceed to an on-site survey upon our first meeting. We will be glad to clarify with you all the steps, such as the packing, the custom clearance, the international transportation, or the final delivery.

ASI Mover is Part of a worldwide Network of Relocation and Moving Professional called WCA RELOCATION. This network feature professional partners in more than 187 Countries.

As a member of ASI GROUP, together with ASI LOGISTICS, ASI MOVERS constantly enjoy competitive worldwide transportation rates together first class logistics services.

We commit to turn your move into a peaceful and easy experience for the whole family!

Ship Tall

Family Packing

Domestic Relocation

Are you moving soon from your apartment for a new location in the same city?

Make sure you contact us in order to enjoy our 1st class international mover services with ASI MOVERS team.
We cover the whole process, from site survey, packing, trucking and local delivery. We do it with the same passion and care for your belongings than our international moving service.

Office Relocation

Keys of successful office relocations are precision and time efficiency, to minimize disruption and ensure business continuity.

We will provide packing materials in advance for staff to pack their personal effects as they prefer.
ASI Movers team guarantees a move with caution including protection of lifts, walls and floors.
We also manage with care the packing of the most sensitive items such as computers and technical equipment. For safety reasons, we will plan separately the move of the most confidential data / vaults by liaising with respective managers.

  • Pre-move consultation
  • Competitive quotation
  • Customized planning by department
  • A Dedicated Office Move coordinator
  • Fully-trained-packers team
  • Adapted equipment

Shanghai Office Buildings


Added Value Relocation Service

ASI MOVERS has developed a range of added value service from your relocation. Each of them requires a specific experience we are skilled for. Don’t hesitate to enquire us on below range of services.

  • Fine-Art Relocation
  • Vehicle Shipment
  • Pet Relocation
  • Storage Facilities
  • Handyman Services
  • Mobility Services: Housing, School and Visa
  • All-Risk Insurance

Relocation: How-To

1. Find Your Relocation Partner

Relocation can become a long and stressful process due to a large number of uncertain factors. At ASI MOVERS we thrive to cover as much as possible and don’t give space to uncertainty.

Thank to our relocation checklist and questions you can have a clear understanding of our process. In any case our moving specialist will cover it point by point with you.

 ASI MOVERS Tips: It takes at least 3 months in advance in order to move in serenity, and proceed to your relocation in the best conditions.

This step is critical because it will determine the proper conduct of your move.

It is essential to take the time to seek and select your mover with care. Make sure that the later has the experience and the sufficient know-how in order to better manage the coordination of different stakeholders

 ASI MOVERS Tips: We suggest you not to entrust any moving company with your personal belongings without validating its credentials and services. The chosen moving company must be well experimented from the beginning to the very end of your relocation project

Perfect Knowledge of the sea freight and Air freights management as well as perfect understanding of Departure and destination custom clearance is a must.

We recommend you to ask as many questions as possible to your relocation advisor and avoid any lack of transparency in the work scope of your service provider.

 ASI MOVERS Tips: Look for references of past satisfied clients on the quality of the service, check its knowledge of customs regulations to avoid the inconvenience such as immobilization and inspection, delay due to missing documents.

Pay attention to the Moving quotation: the provider must insure not to suddenly change the estimated volumes for instance. Also A lots of Service providers out there aren’t the most honest.

 ASI MOVERS Tips: Insure to properly revise the fine prints such as insurance included/excluded, parking permit, unloading with or without unpacking, etc.

2. Before Your Move

A. Survey meeting at your residence

Usually this step  does not commit you to pay anything ,such appointment should be free. This technical visit of the mover allows you to get acquainted with him and ask the necessary questions on the progress of the move. The latter is responsible to explain you all the upcoming steps of your move, as well as advise you on the more suitable services in phase with your project.

During his visit, the mover should:

  • Considers the volume of furniture to move.
  • Make a list of the particular objects/heavy/fragile (piano, objects of art, valuables antiques…), which will need a specific protection and special handling.
  • Discuss your special requests if any
  • Assess he difficulties of access at origin and destination


 ASI MOVERS Tips: This step is done well in advance. All aspect shall be well define and discussed, for instance the difficulties of access which, if not reported, can lead to an adaptation of the quote (need for a forklift, parking permit…), in order to avoid bad surprises.

B. Choose the most adapted solution to your needs

Most of the providers do not accept that to take charge of your project if they don't handle it from beginning to the end. Others may propose tailor-made services with extended transit time for client more sensitive to prices. Usually an ocean freight containerize move via container is the most common and economic solution, where on the other hand emergency can be dealt thank to Airfreight shipment.

 ASI MOVERS Tips: At ASI Movers, we build up your offer after having expressly determine all the specifics or your project.

C. The moving date

It is sometimes difficult to predict the date of your moving in advance. However, the movers schedule can be very tight approaching to the pic season: From June to August, which are the ideal moving date as per Schools dates.

 ASI MOVERS Tips: Don’t hesitate to clarify your request and preferred moving date with your relocation specialist.

D. Declaration of your goods value

After having signed the quote, it is mandatory to fill out the printed "declaration of value" which will serve as the referent in the case of dispute after the delivery of your goods. This declaration of value must be recorded by the company prior to your moving. Do not hesitate to ask details about the insurance policy and the deductible amount if any.

 ASI MOVERS Tips: Be careful, many insurance companies practice huge franchises and drastic conditions of reimbursement. It is very important to check these points before subscribing.

E. Pre-delivery of Packing material and Boxes

We usually send cartons and boxes to our customers in advance (up to 1 month in advance) in case they would like to personally take care of certain specific belongings. 1st necessity of THIS CAN BE DONE AT THE customer request..

F. The Day of your Move

Our team will usually arrive at 9 Am, with an English speaker team leader.

Our team will set up decent protection to avoid any damage of the premises during Move.

  1. In case of furnish villa/ apartment you shall advise what belong to you and what belong to landlord thank to our stickers.
  2. ASI Movers will ask you to list your belongings, thank to carton identification, if you wish to do so . It will permit to properly dispatch where your goods shall be located at destination (Bedroom, kids Bedroom, Living room)
  3. ASI Movers team will start packing all your goods and furniture’s. Each pieces of furniture will be inspected in case of prior small damages. Our packing process includes all the necessary packing material, from craft paper, bubble wrap, fragile box to Hanging Carton box, we even include anti humidity bags …
  4. Packing Inventory: our team leader will emit your belongings packing list. We do so in details by indicating the original room where the carton is assembled and the room it shall be located at destination.
  5. A final check will be done with the customer in each room insuring items are not left behind and the team will proceed to a final cleaning.

G. Post-Packing Phase

  1. Final signature of the Packing list with exact Growth Weight , Volume, and Cartons , as validated by the international Carrier ( Shipping Lines or Airlines)
  2. Insurance Value Confirmation: We confirm with you the final value for your goods insurance.
  3. Document Check depending your destination, this include (but isn’t limited to ) packing list, Good declaration Value , Passport Copy …. This is a critical step to insure a proper custom clearance.
  4. We provide an ETD with a full moving and reception Schedule in line with your needs ( Specifics storage or delivery request)

H. Reception of the furniture / statement of delivery

On delivery day, it is advisable to check with the movers that all services provided meet the terms of the contract which you have subscribed.It is particularly important to inspect all your goods prior to the final declaration and statement of delivery:

  • You will have to check that the number of carton/item are similar to the one your packing list.
  • You will have 10 days maximum to instruct any discrepancies on the Packing list
  • You will have to check the status of your good and you will have 45 days to declare any damages occurring during transportation.
  • If you do not feel any default under the contract, the project ends at the moment you sign of the delivery document.

 ASI MOVERS Tip: VERY IMPORTANT: Do not sign the delivery document without thoroughly check everything. A delivery without reservations on the delivery document will make it extremely difficult for any refund from your mover or its insurance.